KK Choong Synergy Sdn Bhd was established in the year 2006 as KK Choong Enterprise with a group of dynamic construction foreman and workers with decades of experience. After 8 years of operating as a sub-contractor, the management has taken another step to evolve the company by incorporating a new entity as KK Choong Synergy Sdn Bhd, in view of synergizing every aspect of life to create a better future.


Info About Us

Over the years, the company has improved on every single aspect from quality, processing, engineering, safety and the environment. KK Choong Synergy Sdn Bhd has taken a step forward by assembling a team of young, energetic and talented team to develop an even better business model by integrating the whole process of construction to become a one stop solution for our clientele.

We are incorporating the whole process of Land Acquisition, Leasing and Planning to Engineering, Construction and Commissioning for our clientele.

The process does not stop there as we have a very capable team on engineering and we have expertise on Project Liaison to smoothen the whole process of obtaining the development order across the Peninsular Malaysia.

This will lead back to our core process - construction, which we are actively improving our standard of construction by adopting new technology which we see fit to improve the quality, time of delivery, and more importantly to ensure a safety of each and everyone of our team, sub-con, and all personnel associated to us.

We are going to continue empowering the young and talented team to drive us even further to achieve even greater result for the future.

Company Vision & Mission


WE aspire to deliver value to through Engineering Procurement Construction Commissioning all under a one stop solution by implementing advanced construction technology for all our projects.


  • WE vow to deliver better quality work through continuous research and development throughout EPCC process.
  • WE emphasize the good penetration on HSSE expect throughout the working environment.
  • WE value all of our team members as everyone are valuable assets, providing a great working environment where pushing for continuous learning and improving, respecting each other, rewards and recognizing one’s success and more importantly we work as a team to pass through all hurdles.

Corporate Policy

Team responsibility is our core principle, any success is a team success, and any failure is a team failure.

Treat each and everyone with respect regardless of social position, age, race or religion, everyone shares the right of being respected.

Be a man full of values, empty vessel will cracked once pressure is applied, face problems and obstacles with positive attitude, any avoidance will only come back haunt us in anytime in the future.

Be able to embrace change, the world is changing rapidly at an unprecedented speed, without being able to adapt to changes, it would be hard to stay relevant to the industry.

Each and everyone in the corporation shall always search for solutions to each obstacle faced in term of work and life, “I do not know” simply will not solve any issue.